The Mystery Begins…

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The Mystery of the Devil’s Triangle

(Heron’s Formula)

A mystery, that’s what we think it is. The Devil’s Triangle, also called the Bermuda Triangle, is an area in the western north Atlantic approximately bounded by imaginary lines drawn between Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and the tip of Florida. It is where ships and planes mysteriously disappear. This is a video showing an essence point which acts as a wormhole inside the triangle.

Youtube-Nite Fite

There were no recorded successful attempts of measuring how big the triangle is. The very simple reason for this is that sailors and pilots who tried to cross the boundaries of the triangle just disappear without a trace. So therefore, what they’ve discovered about the triangle are brought with them as they disappear.

What if we try to find the area of the Devil’s triangle?

Simplest formula

We have already been familiar with the simplest formula used in finding the area of a triangle  but since we don’t exactly know what type of a triangle the Devil’s triangle is, we can use HERON’S FORMULA. This formula can find the area of a triangle using only the measurement of its three sides.

where: A= Area of the triangle

a,b,c=are the sides of the triangle

For example:


Let’s say the Bermuda Triangle has sides:

a = 129 km

b= 131 km

c = 91 km


Now, Let us solve:


This formula can be used for as long as the length of the sides of the triangle are given. Nice work, Math Detectives!

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Inside the WordPress World

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What WordPress feature am I most interested to use?

It’s my first time to have a blog. Well, actually, I have another one but it’s already inactive. I  made it and just stopped using it. I didn’t even got the chance to post anything on it. I guessed I became bored. That’s why I don’t even know how to manage any blog account before this camp. But now, I feel very excited. It’s like I”ve learned something very useful, something that is very hard to stop doing.  It’s like writing your emotions or your interests but instead of writing it, you’re typing it. It gives you a great feeling knowing that a lot of people can read it and can actually, benefit from it. And now, I have my own WordPress account and I love it. I guess the feature that I’ m most interested in using is the link feature where we could actually go to the site of our fellow participants. I can read their blog without much effort and I could also give my comments. It’s the same with them. They could read my posts and can give their own comments . I think it is very beneficial for the fact that it’ll help me improve my future posts. This will also keep me updated with my friends’ blogs.

The Triangle

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Triangles are assumed to be two-dimensional plane figures, unless the context provides otherwise (see Non-planar triangles, below). In rigorous treatments, a triangle is therefore called a 2-simplex (see also Polytope). Elementary facts about triangles were presented by Euclid in books 1–4 of his Elements, around 300 BC.

The measures of the interior angles of a triangle in Euclidean space always add up to 180 degrees. This allows determination of the measure of the third angle of any triangle as soon as the measure of two angles are known. An exterior angle of a triangle is an angle that is a linear pair (and hence supplementary) to an interior angle. The measure of an exterior angle of a triangle is equal to the sum of the measures of the two interior angles that are not adjacent to it; this is the exterior angle theorem. The sum of the measures of the three exterior angles (one for each vertex) of any triangle is 360 degrees.

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Winter Without Snow

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It’s feels very surprising to know that there is a place in the Philippines where you can experience the cold winter breeze without snow.

A paradise

Want to know where it is? It’s right here in Pampanga, at the Mimosa Leisure Estate. Just  by staying at any of the Montevista Villas, you could already experience how it is to live in a country that have the fourth season which is winter. There’s no much difference, but if you want to experience it firsthand, don’t forget to bring your jackets and blankets or else you’ll freeze to death….Just a friendly reminder..hehehe. I’m just joking. At least it’s near to the truth.

To be honest, I like it here and I’m sure I am going to miss this place….despite the cold. Even if it feels like I’m in Antarctica, I still consider this place a paradise.  It seems like this place was built for royalty and I’m really happy to be given the chance to stay here for free. It’s such a wonderful experience. Despite the homesickness, I’m still pretty sure that I want to stay here a bit longer.

Staying in a place like this while learning new stuff is a real privilege. It triggers my mind’s interest to learn more and do more with my new blog. This experience didn’t just test my mental capabilities, it also  helped me improved my social skills. Truly, this camp even tested the strength of friendship between me and my friends.  I really want to honor the people who made this camp possible. Thank you very much for everything.

Why did I choose my topic?…

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I have always been interested in Mathematics and that greatly affected my decision on what topic I am going to choose. I also like Detective Stories and Mysteries and that led me to my concept which is the ‘Math Mystery’. I think everything fits because math is really a mystery, a puzzle if you prefer. Behind its abstract quality, lies a very deep meaning  much deeper than symbols or numbers. It gives a very intriguing, mind-boggling, nose-bleeding challenge that you could not ignore. And when you finally figured it out, it leaves you wanting more. That’s how powerful math can be. Yet, many people hate it. They think its boring and it would make them crazy but the truth is, they are not opening their minds to the beauty of it. They tend to close their minds to the possibility that they might actually love it. Why? Maybe because everyone hates it and they are afraid of taking the risk of being different from others. But I am not afraid of taking that risk, I just don’t like math, I love it. Not only because I’m slightly good at it but because I’ve discovered a sanctuary out of it.  Whenever I face a math problem, I feel my blood rushing.  It makes me  feel very excited as if I’m going to win something at the end. And actually, I do win something, something more valuable than attention and awards. I think its pride. Finally, I’ve got something I can be proud of. Something of my own and no one can steal it from  me. And by choosing this topic, not only am I given the opportunity to share my love for math, but hopefully, I can also change the minds of the math haters.


‘Camp Blog Experience’

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How is my Camp Blog Experience so far? What do I like best? What do I like least?

Air-conditioned rooms..delectable foods…free stuffs…laptop and wireless internet connection…informative lectures…friendly participants…kind organizers..uh, what else can I ask for? It feels like I’m living in a paradise.  Even if we’re actually here to learn how to blog, I still can’t ignore the fact that this is more than just a camp, more than just any seminars. It’s a whole new experience and it’s really hard for me, to choose what I like best about it. I’d probably say all of it. It keeps me motivated all throughout the event. I couldn’t even help it if sometimes, I feel very flattered because of the free services. It seems like they’re treating us like royalty. Despite the homesickness I felt whenever I remember my family and friends, it cheers me up to know that I’m actually here in a place like this. It’s a real privilege to be here! The only thing that is slightly bothering me is the cold temperature. It’s not that I hate it. I’m just worried that I might get sick because of it. I guess, I’m just not that used to air-conditioned rooms.  I can’t even go to sleep without my blanket. Haha. But at least I know that I’m going to miss this place. I’m going to miss this camp…